How to create “Simple LogIn Page” Using Html & CSS

Hello viewers, today I am going to show you how to create “(or login form using HTML and CSS)” in this blog. Previously i have shared a blog on . Now it’s time to create a Login Form. A login form is used to enter credentials and allows users to gain access to a restricted page or form by entering a username and password.

Today in this blog, i’ll share with you a . You can change the background image and button color as per your choice. These forms are created for design purpose only. There is no action when you click on these forms and it will not redirect you to any other sites.

If you like the design of and want to get the source code you just need to scroll down.

How to run the source code :-

Step1- Copy and paste the CSS code below and save the file as “.css”.

Step2- Now copy and paste the HTML code mentioned below and save the file as “.html”.

Step3- Run “.html” file.

Video Tutorial of Simple Login Form

Source Code link: — ->>



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